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How do I book Unveiled?

  1. Contact Us: Email us on our contact page to make sure we are available your wedding day and to set up a trial.
  2. Save Your Date: After your trial we require a $200 deposit to hold your date, which includes a $100 booking fee and is non-refundable. $100 will be applied toward your total day-of balance. We also require a credit card to keep on file.
  3. Your Event is Booked: Once we receive your signed Save my Date form and Contract back.
  4. Your Schedule: Your Day-of Schedule and Pricing will be emailed the month of your wedding, once all details have been figured out.
  5. Payment Schedule
    Due Two Weeks Prior: Pay total balance due.
    Due Day-of: Tips and last-minute additional services.

How long does a makeup application usually take? About 30-45 minutes, depending on if it is a natural or dramatic look.

How long does a hair usually take? About 30-45 minutes on average for an up-do, and 20-30 minutes for a blow out or simple style.

What should I do to prepare for my wedding day? Be sure not to do anything dramatic the week before your wedding. Get all your waxing, facials & tanning at least a week before the day of. Eye cream & moisturizing is a must. Drink lots of water & take your vitamins. The day of be sure you have a nice breakfast & keep hydrated.

What makeup products should I purchase for my wedding day? You will want to touch up your lips after the ceremony, so we recommend purchasing the lipstick and lip-gloss. If you have oily skin don't forget your powder.

Is a trial run really necessary? A trial run is not completely necessary, but it is recommended. It's a great way to communicate your wants & needs with your makeup artist and/or hair stylist in a relaxed setting. This way on the day of the makeup and/or hair goes very smoothly & quickly, giving yourself more time & less stress.

How long does a trial usually take? About 1 hour for each service, since we are going over what look you're desiring and getting to know one another. If you're doing both your hair and makeup trial at the same time allow 2 hours.

Do I need to do anything special with my hair to prepare? We request that you come to get your hair done with clean, dry hair, if possible.

How long will my makeup last? It should last all day and night long. Each makeup artist uses waterproof mascara (unless requested otherwise), an eye shadow base, & a makeup setting powder. Many makeup brands have new lines of makeup that is long wear, which includes, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, lipstick, and lipliner. We have been using these latey and are very happy with them. However, you will probably need to reapply your lipgloss after eating, and powder if you're oily.

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